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Lost in Translation

An Experiment in Machine Translation
Translations by
Concept and code by Carl
Motivated by Greg and Todd

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Original English Text:
Jingle bells, Jingle bells, jingle all the way,
oh what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh

Translated to French:
Tintez les cloches, cloches de tintement, tintez toute la voie, OH
quel amusement il doit monter dans un sleigh ouvert d'un-cheval

Translated back to English:
Tinkle the bells, bells of tinkling, tinkle all the way, OH which
recreation it must go up in an open sleigh of a-horse

Translated to German:
Klingeln Sie die Glocken, Glocken des Klingelns, klingeln Sie
vollständig, OH-, das Erholung es muß oben in ein geöffnetes sleigh
des Einpferds gehen

Translated back to English:
If you ring the bells, bells of ringing, ring completely, to OH -,
recovery it must go above into an opened sleigh the a horse

Translated to Italian:
Se squillate le flange, flange di squillo, squillano completamente,
nell' OH -, recupero che deve entrare sopra in uno sleigh aperto un

Translated back to English:
If squillate the flange, flange of blast, squillano completely, in the
OH -, recovery that must enter over in one sleigh open a horse

Translated to Portuguese:
Se squillate a flange, flange da explosão, squillano completamente,
no OH -, a recuperação que deve entrar sobre em um sleigh abre um

Translated back to English:
If squillate the flange, flange of the explosion, squillano full, in
the OH -, the backup that must enter on in one sleigh opens a horse

Translated to Spanish:
Si squillate el borde, borde de la explosión, squillano por completo,
en el OH -, la salvaguardia que debe entrar encendido en un sleigh
abre un caballo

Translated back to English:
If squillate the edge, edge of the explosion, squillano completely, in
the OH -, the safeguard that must enter ignition sleigh opens a horse


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